Saturday, 24 November 2012

Clay Rangolis Part-1

It’s evident that to make clay Rangoli look good on a floor, you need an artistic sense. Even though you need your very own touch but these creative clay Rangoli designs would definitely guide you

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Floating Rangoli Part-1

Let your imagination reach the highest level while using these Floating Rangolis which are put on display artistically. Comprehend your dexterousness after successfully portraying these Rangolis. These well designed Floating Rangolis would help you.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Types of Rangoli

Rangoli can be :-

  1. DRY Colors
  2. WET colors
  3. Rice powder

4.        Rice paste

5.            Flowers

6. Sand

7.              Salt
8.           Pulse 
9.           Chalk
10.        Vegetable

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Different names of Rangoli in Different States of INDIA and World

Kerala : Puvidal - "Puv" means flower and "idal" means arrangement, i.e. Rangoli by flowers.(pokalam)

Bengal : In Bengal Rangoli is drawn by rice paste and known its known as Alpana

Orissa : Rangoli is known as 'Ossa'


Almora - Garhawal : Rangoli is known as 'Alpana'

Tamil Nadu : Rangoli is known as 'Kolam'

Andhra Pradesh : Rangoli is known as 'Muggu'

Karnataka : Rangoli is known as 'Rangoli'

Maharashtra : Rangoli is known as 'Rangvalli'

Gujarat : Rangoli is known as 'Sathiya

Rajasthan : Rangoli is known as 'Mandana'


Madhya Pradesh : Rangoli is known as 'ChowkPurna' ( Traditional designs fitted in square with leaves and flowers )

Uttar Pradesh : Rangoli is known as 'Sona Rakhana' , sanjhi

Bihar: Rangoli is known as 'Aripana'

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